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Book2use - Getting To Scale

Getting To Scale
Getting to Scale: Growing Your Business Without Selling Out

  • Chapter 1 - There IS Another Way
  • Chapter 2 - Mission Comes First
  • Chapter 3 - Any Business Can Do it
  • Chapter 4 - Organic is the Way to Grow
  • Chapter 5 - Build Your Values into the Brand
  • Chapter 6 - Match Manufacturing to Mission
  • Chapter 7 - Morph Early and Often
  • Chapter 8 - Form Follow Function
  • Chapter 9 - The Soft Stuff IS the Hardest
  • Chapter 10 - Getting to Scale: Is It Right for You?
Some of the highlight of the chapters.
Chapter 3- Organic is the way to grow.
  1. advantage for mission-driven firms
  2. do not reply on outside investors and thus maintain the commitment to mission
  3. allow people to grow into their jobs and pursue vision over time
  4. allow employees to maintain their health and well-being
  5. allow company to maintain their corporate culture
How to make organic growth possible:
  1. let other do the manufacturing
  2. follow market demand
  3. develop unique value proposition to keep competitors at bay long enough
1. "When a market is growing rapidly and attracting significant competition (in terms of either numbers or clout), organic growth may not be fast enough to maintain a presence in the emerging market. You need to either meet the challenge by expanding more rapidly, or plan to settle into a niche or a series of niches."
"Organic growth is also problematic in situations involving classic economies of scale, where you are required to make significant investments - in either marketing or manufracturing - ahead of demand."

Chapter 4 Finance your independencecase study - Ben & Jerry.
  • Selling shares of stock to public ended buying out by Unilever.
How do you raise enough capital to grow your business without losing control. We have an answer; using OTC capital.

Getting to Scale: Growing Your Business Without Selling Out

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